I am a graphic designer who believes in a holistic life where food is medicine &  design is therapy.

a brand. a relationship. the color of the button you clicked on to get here. everything has a reason why it is the way it is.

a story that is worth telling

Before solving any problem I believe it is important to take the whole brand, situation, or person, into consideration. This holistic approach is what drives my process and is what I believe to be essential in creating a successful design.

my story

It began once upon a time ago when my loving mother  forgot that second “e" or “i-e” in my name, therefore blessing me with the nickname “Kale” for the majority of my upbringing. While I do enjoy eating the occasional kale salad, my name is in fact pronounced “Kaylee.”

I can tease her all I want, but this complete misspelling of my name is what makes me who I am. As cheeseball as it sounds, I wouldn’t be the same person with that extra “e,” which only validates my “everything has a reason why it is what it is” belief.

Over the years I have become passionate about natural healing and have grown to be a lover of everything health and wellness. I am inspired constantly by the connection between mind, body, and spirit, which has tremendously influenced my perspective and approach to design.

After growing up in various parts of the country, I’ve formed a simple and holistic approach to design that is inspired by the different perspectives I've experienced in these places. Now a Senior Designer for Mirum Agency in the city of Chicago, I aspire to help bring to life the stories of the people and brands that I meet in my upcoming chapters.


connect with me.

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