Bear Bar

The savory organic snack

The idea was sparked from that moment when you want a bar for on the go but are not in mood for anything sweet. There are so many bars on the market that are  filled sugar and various other unnecessary ingredients. 


Enter Bear Bar. Bear Bar is an organic, savory bar that originated in San Diego, California. It is filled with 6 simple and REAL ingredients that will fill you up and keep you going. 


Currently, the bars are only sold in-store in California. However, you can now order Bear Bar online by the case. The purpose of the site is to educate consumers about the new bar on the market and allow repeat purchasers to buy in bulk in a more convenient way. Both the case design and the online shopping experience for these delicious bars focus on the simplicity of the ingredients while still capturing the fun personality of the Bear Bar brand. Like the bar says itself, “this ain’t no candy bar!” 


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