Yummy Dino Buddies

Fun. Nutritious. Delicious. 

Dino Buddies have been providing a kid-approved addition to any meal since 1998. As a Senior Designer at Mirum Agency, I had the opportunity of refreshing the website for these fun, delicious and nutritious dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.

The main ask of the client was to help optimize the overall user experience and SEO of the site. When designing the website refresh, our process was to take a look at the current user experience, which led us to an audit of what was working well and what had the opportunity to be improved both on the current site and based on the market.


As a result, we completely refreshed the user experience of the home and product pages as well as, added in more brand equity by creating a stronger story about the 3 "buddy" characters. With a growing social following on the Dino Buddies Facebook page and increasing influencer recipe and DIY blog posts, we also saw an opportunity to leverage social content on its own page within the refreshed site. By making these changes we were able to improve overall SEO and drive more traffic and engagement to the site. 




Lead UX/UI Designer



Leah Roszkowski / Natalie Capoccia


Russ Dahlberg / Nicholas Davison

Facebook  community management

Dino Buddies Facebook page